Prolonged exposure to large quantities of these steroids can cause liver damage and even some forms of liver cancer. Cardiovascular Problems A sudden increase PerformX Testo in body weight and metabolism results into a series of cardiovascular problems. The heartbeat rate and pressure increases causing a threat to the heart. Dianabol also increases the cholesterol levels in the body. Problems Related to Male Reproductive System The basic purpose for taking in Dianabol as already mentioned, is to increase the testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone at a later stage, converts to estrogen. Estrogen is a female hormone that is undoubtedly present in a small amount in males too. However, its increase in males causes a variety of problems like fatigue, loss of muscle tone, and increased body fat. One of the most severe problems that this increased level of estrogen, can cause is gynecomastia. Loss of libido, sexual functioning, and an enlarged prostate are some other side effects of Dianabol affecting the male reproductive system. Psychological problems Dianabol suddenly brings in an extreme enthusiasm to its user making him very high-spirited. The impact has its positive effects, like sportsmen giving in more hours of practice.

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