Perspiratin Dizziness Feeling faint. Teary-eyed. Difficulty sleeping due t night sweats. Difficulty in cncentrating n wrk/activities. Itchy skin sensatin. Md swings. Clammy hands. Depressin Hair starts t thin/fall. Weight gain. Tensed muscles. Aching muscles/jints. Bdy dr is different. steprsis Bleeding gums Burning sensatin in the PerformX Testo muth. Tinnitus (ringing in ne's ears) Brittle/sft nails. Treatment Many ht flash treatments, end up with men either having high bld pressure, r dealing with side effects that cme up when taking thse medicatins. Therefre, yu'll find herbal remedies fr ht flashes here, that will help yu get ver them, easing it as it cmes. Wild yam can be used t help cut dwn n the frequency f md swings, depressin, lethargy and night sweats. Saw palmett lwers levels f dihydrteststerne, t prevent hair lss and help ease prstate glands frm acting up. Ginseng is knwn as a Chinese remedy t ease the utcme f ht flashes. Black chsh tea can help men reduce hrmnal secretins that are respnsible fr causing night sweats Red clver can be used t imprve circulatin in the arteries as well help keep ne's sexual drive frm dwindling.

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