Treatment usually depends n the persn and dctrs prescribe medicatins and therapy sessins. Runner's Nipple ne f the rare breast prblems in men is runner's nipple. This cnditin is caused when the nipple becmes swllen r inflamed due t the cnstant frictin with the shirt while running. This cnditin is bserved in bth PerformX Testo men and wmen but is very cmmn in men. If nt taken immediate medical care, this cnditin can result in deep pain and infectin. Althugh it is nt dangerus in any frm, this cnditin can create a lt f irritatin while running. Fr effective treatment, it is advised that victims shuld clean the affected area with antiseptic and use ver the cunter antibitic cream t fight ff the infectin. These were sme f the mst basic breast prblems in men. Men having male breasts shuldn't feel shy and they shuld cnsult a qualified dctr n a pririty basis. This prblem can be very shameful t share with anyne, but keeping it a secret and nt taking medical care is ging t wrsen it even further. Tribulus terrestris is the scientific name f a herbal supplement. It is cmmnly knwn as puncture vine r caltrp. It is a perennial herb which belngs t the Zygphyllaceae family. It can grw in a warm, desert climate and can survive even in a pr sil cnditin.

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