Wh knws, maybe it can prduce the desired results with the facial hair t. Hwever, it is recmmended that yu cnsult a dctr befre taking any such nutritinal supplements. Try PerformX Testo massaging yur jaw, chin, etc. with a little bit f eucalyptus il. Eucalyptus il is said t be gd fr hair grwth and it may speed up the prcess f grwing a beard. Try shaving. Shaving, mre ften than nt, results in the hair grwing back faster and thicker. It may well help yu speed up the prcess f grwing a beard and getting yur desired beard style. Cleanliness is anther factr which prmtes fast grwth f facial hair. Use f steam is especially helpful which allws pening the pres f skin and makes the prcess f cleaning much easier. Exfliatin, i.e., remval f dead skin is anther prcess which pens the pres f skin. It is bserved that the build-up f stress is respnsible fr slwing dwn f hair grwth. Nt nly des stress causes the slw dwn f hair grwth, but als makes the hair brittle and weak.

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